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Kick Ass Series0031

If these don't get you off you're probably gay! Unless you like the dude in the vids, then, well, I guess you'd just be gay anyways...or something...

Japanese babe doggy styled. Japanese babe on all fours giving head. Japanese AV model lies back and gets her pussy eaten out.

These Vids are fresh out from JAVOD.
JAV = Japanese Adult Video
OD = On Demand i.o.w. - Download them Now!!!

Uncle Wangs' News0030

I just opened up my Video Post. I for one can't stand video clips so I thought I'd take them out of my TGP and create an MGP to keep them seperate. Im only updating it once a week right now, for the user submitted galleries that is. For the Archive I'll be dropping galleries every other day to get it filled up. All in due time, something I have had little of lately. The more popular my Movie Gallery Post gets the more frequently I will update it. Ahh, and if you use IE it wont look as tight, I highly reccomend Mozilla Firefox if you don't already have it. It is far far less prone to spyware and virsuses and many web designers at this moment in time are designing their sites to look their best in Firefox. In other words, fuck IE, get firefox before you're the last guy in the world using the piece of shit :D Well enjoy my Asian Video Clip Site.

In case you've missed the link somehow THIS IS IT ;)

Your Weekly Porn Story0029
Thai whores fucking. Pinay chick sucking dick. Oriental hooker blows balls.
The Babysitter - Remember to Flush!

Dane awoke hearing a bumping noise from the bathroom. It startled him thinking maybe Zack had wandered in to use his toilet. He got up and crossed the room. He could see the door was locked and glanced into the bath. Dee was sitting naked on the commode. Dane grinned a bit. Watching a woman piss excited him a bit.

She looked at his half hard, but now growing cock hanging down and could see their mixed juices still on it. It was turning Dane on watching Dee use the toilet. "God, you look so hot sitting there," he said brushing his cock with his fingers. She looked to the side a bit and smiled. "Well, you look pretty good standing there. You can watch. It kind of excites me to pee and have a man watching," she said.

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New Site0028
Gallery Collector

Build your own Porn Galleries ! No software to install, No images stored on your HD Totally Anonymous Keep your Galleries Private, or Publish them for the whole world to see!

Here's a killer new concept for porn surfing. So you come across a gallery you like but don't want to bookmark it as other people use your computer? What you do is gather it into an online database of your favorite galleries. You can display them in gallery format by choosing your own thumbs and all that. It's all free stuff, it's much like a TGP or link list but the galleries posted are those gathered and composed by other surfers like you and I. Here's an example, some of my personal favorite galleries and girls.... Uncle Wangs Asian Babes

Not bad huh? So register an account, its all free, non commercial, but you need a username so you can start pumpin out your personal creations. You don't need HTML or any web building experience, just sign up and follow the instructions. The future of porn surfing has arrived :D

Kick Ass Series0027

Fresh out! 4 more galleries from Damn Q

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Your Weekly Porn Story0026
porn story pictures. porn story pictures. porn story pictures.
Dee - The Babysitter - Cumming Clean!

Dane got home around midnight after driving back from a day long business meeting a few hundred miles away. He was a single dad with a 5 year old son, Zack. The boys mom was a friend and Dane had knocked her up at a party one night. She didn't want to get married, but worked a joint custody agreement with him. They were still good friends. He loved the little guy, but at times his business made it pretty hard to mix in being a parent too. This trip was one of those times.

He was lucky enough to have found a young girl through his friends to sit with his son on occasion. Dee was a great find. He trusted her completely with his son and home. For just being 18 she was reliable and honest. Plus she was cuter than hell and a flirt. Dane found the house quiet and his son fast asleep. He thought heard a noise in the bedroom and peaked in. Dee was laying on the bed dozing. He crept in quietly to some things to crash on the couch and let her sleep. She stirred and sat up. "Hi Dane. Sorry, I fell asleep after watching TV," she said.

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New Site0024
thai whores

So I came across some crazy sexy galleries this time. Something about how they're shot is a real turn on. They project a very raw, very real feeling. Glamour porn it is not yet something seems almost classy in a dark way. I was very impressed by the photographers capturing of the cum shot (as seen above) in the one series. Sports photographer by day pornographer by night ?

If this is your style Asian GoGo Sluts offers a whole lot of galleries like this one. They are quite active in shooting bar girls from Thailand so theres lots of new content in production to keep you happy and hard. But don't take my word for it...

Trial it for $9.95 for 2 days, your dick will love you for it!
Your Weekly Porn Story0023
porn story pictures. porn story pictures. porn story pictures.
Bobi - Barely Legal Cocksucker

Andy had known Bobi since she was a kid. She was his kid sister's best friend. His parents had divorced years back and when he was twenty his mom had died. He was left with the house and raising his sister, Annette. She was nineteen now and away at school. Andy at 24 worked a good job and doing pretty well.

Bobi had always had a crush on him. He knew it all too well. Secretly since she was 14 she had been giving him blowjobs, something Bobi had gotten very good at. Now that she was 18 he wasn't as nervous about hanging out with her alone. His sister had long suspected the two had a thing going on, but never did find out. He was glad of that. Annette was cuter than hell, but very prudish. With her gone he now could play with Bobi without worries.

It was Saturday and Andy slept in a bit. Bobi woke him up around ten AM after she let herself in with the key he gave her. He stirred awake feeling her small hand on his cock. Looking down himself he saw she was nude from the waist up and jerking his morning hardon. "You sure know how to wake a guy up," he said to her. Bobi smiled at him and said, "Well I know you are horny in the morning. Just helping out." Andy had no objections as she spit on his hard dick and stroked it.

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Uncle Wangs News0022
Taija and her fine ass legs in brown stockings with heels. Some black and white images of Fujiko as a maid preparing to ram a dildo into her pussy. Japanese model getting fucked in her red lingerie; bra, pantyhose and garter belt! Model Gigie in dark stockings playing in flower pedals. Asian fetish pictures of a crazy girl with tattoos in leather boots. This slut spreads her legs wide as she gets fucked in Japan.

I've finished my template for my fetish archives. Here is the first of the categories, 'Stockings', enjoy and check back I should be pumping them out as soon as I decide on a color scheme. I really like the green and white but it seems a bit of a strain on the eyes. No sense scaring anybody into thinking the old 'you can go blind' tales are true.

Kick Ass Series0021

Some of the hottest galleries I've come across in a while. The one on the left is unfrickinbelievable, the one chick... damn! I'd drink her bath water, no shame, I can admit that!
These sets are all exclusive of Little Brown Fucking Machines a great website with a whole lot of South East Asian models of the same caliber you see here. Apparently the term LBFM came from the Vietnam War era and has survived the decades to resurface today.

Kick Ass Series0018

Today Uncle Wang made a fantastic discovery in his porn quest. A long lost gallery from his old porn master days. This series used to give me wood just thinking about it. First its outdoors, an Uncle Wang fetish, second, damn I love clogs, perhaps Im afflicted with a touch of foot fetish as well, and thirdly this babe reminds me of an old freind of mine who I never did get to roll around with :( - And yes, I mean the girl, for you smart asses that keep calling me on this shit :P -

For those who are site impaired let me play by play the action for you in hopes this translates to brail...
' A loving interacial couple on a picnic at their Aunt and Uncles farm decide to work off their meal behind Aunt Bessies barn. It starts off with some innocent cuddling which quickly progresses to heavy petting. Heavy petting of course turns into some standup pussy eating flipped to ass munching. When she has to return the favour she does well trying to take all of him into her mouth. With both of their mouths chapped up too much to go on they switch into a little cowgirl action with the young man being ridden by one fine bent over ass. Once they tire of this and his cockadilio can no longer take it she acts the loving fiance and takes his load down her throat. '
- This is just the coles notes of the story, check out Tokyo Tarts for the complete, unabriged version ;) -

Download the full series at Tokyo Tarts

Uncle Wangs News0017

Uncle Wang has been busy at work this week folks! First I decided to finish up my video store. It was a simple fix that needed doing but when one finds himself surrounded by so much pornography at ones work one doesn't seem to get much done outside of polishing the odd knob here and there. Ones own knob I mean... my job isnt polishing knobs, its... well, moving along...

Even with all these distractions I managed to add the newest feature of the site, an adult story book corner, check post #0016 to see what I mean. A business associate of mine by name of Da Ole Guy struck upon the idea of incorporating pictures into erotic literature to make the reading experience all the better for those of us with short attention spans :D The best part of these stories is not just the screen caps, but that you can download the video from your favorite stories. (For a small fee of course). But when you're a collector like old Uncle Wang it's 'fees schmees' and all free love and spending ( til Aunt Wang does me bills at months end ).

Last but not least I rolled out a partnership with I'mLive.com to promote their webcam site. This came as a welcome offer to me as I'm nearly a fixture at the site. I'm the 'sweet old' guy all the webcam models know by name (thanks of course to all the money I drop on them). I don't know how sweet or old they would find me if they could see what I was doing while they strip down to their birthday suits :D Their webcam site is currently the industry leader right now so I'm proud to be associated with them. If you're looking for a place to try out these fandangled inventions called web cameras, I'm Live be the place!

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