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Happy Halloween!0038
Here's some more from Thaichix.com...
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Crotch Rocket Hood Rats0037

I don't update as much as I should, but when I do I hook you up! This is one hot video. Who hasn't had a fantasy about some hot ass Asian babe getting off her bike and kicking the crap out of you? This could almost be an alternate ending to a scene in Romeo Must Die. Kung Fu kicking Japanese crotch rocket riding hood rats, thats a few fantasies rolled into one. If you want to see the video in its full, uncut magnificence check out Ball Honeys. I did.

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Your Weekly Porn Story0036
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Cream With Your Sushi?

Derek met Jade a year ago jogging early in the morning on the beach. She went there at sunrise to do her Tai Chi. He finally invited her to join him on his two mile morning runs and she agreed. For a petite Asian woman she had remarkably huge breasts. He enjoy stealing glances at her full jugs bouncing in her small workout outfit.

She was just 24 and had been married for over six years. Her husband Robbie was a contract CPA and traveled quite a bit. Over time Derek learned that he also was not the most faithful spouse. Jade had tried for over a year to cope with his indiscretions and was frustrated. Her patience was taxed greatly.

Derek had grown fond of her and desired her physically for quite some time. Jade was well aware of it and never reacted. She wanted that to, but felt that adultery was not so good for her even if Robbie was screwing around. This Saturday she woke and had gone to the beach seriously hoping Derek would show as he always did. Jade was fed up and really needed some male companionship in a closer way.

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Killer Videos0035
Fresh Out - LBFM Releases Video Galleries

Little Brown Fucking Machines never fails to disapoint.This week they released video clips previewing what they have to offer. And they've got the goods. The vid clips are 4 mb each, and these are just the previews. With an all star line up of hot Filipina and Thai honeys they're one of my favorite 2 sites for Philipines pornography. LBFM offers two deals. you can sign up for one month for 29.95 or go for broke and get the 3 month pass for $54.95; works out to around 18 bucks per month. My stats tell me I'm not the only one that loves LBFM. They're one of the most popular sites with Uncle Wangs surfers. Shitloads of videos and picture sets to peruse, I've wasted away days there, days and layers of skin.

Check out my blog entry #0021 for more galleries of the pretty faces from LBFM.

Or go straight to the source. Click here to visit LBFM.

Your Weekly Porn Story0034
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The Big Sister's After Cookout Party

"God I am glad everyone finally left!" Jackie said excited and hugged Dane. "Me too. Shit girl you have had me worked up all day," he answered squeezing her to his bare chest. He could feel her hard nipples poking into his skin through her top. "Fuck me Dane!" she begged. He grinned as it was a sure thing tonight.

Jackie knew he had been screwing her little sister, Dee, for a few months and it drove her nuts. The sisters shared everything including Dee's lurid details of how Dane was in bed and the huge gobs of com he ducmped in her a few times a week. Jackie was crazed in lust. Ever since she accidentally wolked in on Dee standing naked in front of her floor length mirror watching Dane's cum run down her thigh one night after he had fucked her, Jackie was detemined to get some too.

She pushed him onto the couch and grabbed his cock through his pants. Earlier when she asked him to help her get a few things from the kitchen for the BBQ, she had tried to blow him, but nearly got caught. Now that Dee was away with girlfriends for the weekend, Jackie planned on getting all the cock Dane could give her. He pulled her top down and cupped her small breats. She gasped at his touch.

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New Site0033

New Site - $1.00 3 Day Trials

Fresh new site out, Into Asian. Just released this week it comes with brand new never befiore seen content and access to more than one site. Try it out for $1.00 for 3 days. And if you like this site try its older sister sites out too... Asian Exotics and Real Asian Amateurs.

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Off Topic0032

Puzzles Suck Ass

See, the problem I always had with the damn things was, what kind of reward is putting together some shitty scenery picture of a log on a beach at some run down cabin. Fuck that right? This is much more captivating. :D

Dont know what the hell I'm talking about? Click the picture on left, dummy :P

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