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Fresh Out - Hot News0041
Special Announcement
88 Square announces a limited time 3 day trial option!
In Other Words
Get all this for just $3.95!
Impossible to see it all in only 3 days!
you can try though :P
See Their 'Self Help' Videos
Self help is 88Square talk for masturbation. See girls like Chan Ching Ming and Maya Asawawong get themselves off with vegeatables and lipstick compactors. Crazy hot!
So sign up and stay awhile!
Theres always new content being added. Twice a week in fact. With over 100 Japanese XXX movies currently online you've enough material for a long time. They have another 700 Japanese AV videos on deck and they're uploading them to the site as fast as they can.
Underground Thai Porn
88Square alsio features some great underground Thai porn videos. Pornography is illegal in Thailand so this stuff is highly sought after over there. Softcore and hardcore full length vids, starring popular Thai performers. Like the infamous...
Nong Natt Chanapa
See It All For Just $3.95!
Some Hot J-Girl Flicks0040

Japan Legs dropped some fresh movie clips last week. They're famous for uniforms, racequeens and stockinged Japanese babes. It's not so much fetish but more just hot babes getting dolled up then stripped down and fucked on camera. I have yet to sign up for a membership to their site but from all I've seen from their free galleries and video clips I can say this site is dope. It's on my list for future cyber hangouts to beat off. Pass the popcorn? :D

download all they got for just $1 a day

Your Weekly Porn Story0039
Asian Models Fucking. Race Queens Sex. Sexy Model Pictures.
Alex Gets Jenny's Cherry

Alex lay in bed and wondered what to do. His wife’s youngest sister, Jenny, had come to stay with them for the summer and now it was getting a bit tense. She was a cute girl, a bit on the pudgy side, but attractive. She looked nothing like his wife Pat. She was long and lean with a small frame. Jenny on the other hand was a bit thick with huge tits. She had just turned 18 and flaunted herself a bit lately. Especially since Pat had to leave on an unexpected business trip for two weeks a few days ago.

He was 35 and his wife 28. The two had been married for over 7 years happily, though there were times her Asian temper got the best of her. He had never cheated on her, but last night was different. Jenny and him had been out by the pool and got into the wine. She got pretty giddy and their talk turned to sex. What bothered him he got horny looking at her in her bathing suit. Alex fought his guilt as he thought of the later turn of events.

Jenny had dated a few guys in high school. She admitted she had never “gone all the way”, but wanted to soon. She also said she loved sucking cock. The more they drank the less inhibited they both got. ”Alex, does Pat suck your cock?” she asked him. He had blushed hard and finally admitted that Pat would not do that for him. “I will,” Jenny giggled and before he could do anything she was pulling his bathing trunks down and sucking his now very hard cock.

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