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More Hot J-Girls From Japan Legs0051

Japan Legs keeps puttin out some nice galleries for me to look at in my reviews. I'd like to share this experience with you by giving you a snippet of their latest video releases. These clips are taken from some very sexy films they got for download from their site. I highly recomend them if you dig the JAV and are looking for some original stuff.

download all they got for just $1 a day

A Merry Christmas from Thailand0050

88Square never fails to deliver the goods! Check out their site for the rest of the Christmas goodies. They brought back some of their most popular models for a big 'X'-mas shoot that you might just want to see.

And if you were looking for a little somethin somethin in your stocking this year 88 made a festive screensaver for your desktop. I set my default screen saver time to a minute to test it, and sure enough this happened to be the one time Aunt Wang decides she wants to use the computer. She made me turn it back to the screen saver with the kittens so the one time a year she decides to fumble around online she can see 2 stupid cats play with a ball of yarn.

Download the Christmas Screen Saver Free

And while you're over there have a look around. Membership is well worth it, one of the few sites I actively visit. So go on, spoil yourself this year. Nothing like beautiful Thai women in Santa hats to get you in the holiday spirit.

Check out 88Square
New Site0042
Chinese girls nude. Chinese sex movies. Chinese porn movie.

FOB Fucker

Hot new reality site where a dude picks up Chinese chicks Fresh Off the Boat and takes em back to his place for a little lovin. On camera loving, with the new POV mini cam style, mounted on his hat or screwed into his forehead or somethin. But these videos are tight man, these girls are authentic China Town honeys straight off the ship from Shanghai. And its sweet cuz watching these videos is like being there in his shoes, well, before he takes them off to get his freak on, cuz then he'd be shoeless, but your like still there and shit. You follow right ? ;)
Click Here To See All The Previews

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