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Your Weekly Porn Story0016
sex story picture sex story picture sex story picture
Jackie - The Big Sister's After Cookout Party

"God I am glad everyone finally left!" Jackie said excited and hugged Dane. "Me too. Shit girl you have had me worked up all day," he answered squeezing her to his bare chest. He could feel her hard nipples poking into his skin through her top. "Fuck me Dane!" she begged. He grinned as it was a sure thing tonight.

Jackie knew he had been screwing her little sister, Dee, for a few months and it drove her nuts. The sisters shared everything including Dee's lurid details of how Dane was in bed and the huge gobs of com he dumped in her a few times a week. Jackie was crazed in lust. Ever since she accidentally walked in on Dee standing naked in front of her floor length mirror watching Dane's cum run down her thigh one night after he had fucked her, Jackie was detemined to get some too.

She pushed him onto the couch and grabbed his cock through his pants. Earlier when she asked him to help her get a few things from the kitchen for the BBQ, she had tried to blow him, but nearly got caught. Now that Dee was away with girlfriends for the weekend, Jackie planned on getting all the cock Dane could give her. He pulled her top down and cupped her small breats. She gasped at his touch.

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New Site0015

Always on the lookout for new shit to promote I ran into a site by name of DamnQ. I posted a couple galleries I found on some sites in post 0009 and like i said then, I knew this had to be a guy I knew. The site itself was a refreshment from a lot of the shit I've been seeing lately. Completely original in that it doesn't just focus on the asian persuasion but has the latina and black honeys representing too. And these girls got style, the flava as they say (or said) ;). Q'on has been a photographer/talent scout and mad playa since I met him 5 or 6 years back. He was always jet settin around the globe honing his style and leaving his mark. We'd always tell him to get his own site going, "Damn Q, put your portfolio online, people will kill to see it!". The talent he gets combined with his photography produces some of the finest series' online and here he was doing nothing with it. Well, it looks like he decided, at long last, to share with us his best. So ladies and, well, probably just gentlemen, here it is...enjoy!

Uncle Wangs' News0014

I finished off my Natt Chanapa page. I've got 9 good softcore galleries linked and Im on the hunt for more. Ive included some info on where to find her DVD's. I downloaded her famous hardcore video from 88Square a couple of months ago and have had my eyes open for any others she has done. It doesn't look like she'll be doing any more as shes just been sentenced in Thailand for starring in porn videos which is illegal there. One of the worlds best known countries for sex tourism yet porn has been outlawed, go figure! Here's a link to the story of her sentencing courtesy of the Asian Sex Gazeette

Unknown Hottie0013

I came across this kick ass series from Asian Fetish. Is anyone familiar with the models name? I would like to make a page for her in my babes section. Here's the galleries...

gallery 1 gallery 2
gallery 3 gallery 4
gallery 5

If anyone checks out Asian Fetish and sees the video let me know how it is!

Update; "She's Jade Marcela in earlier times before the years, the gym, and the porn industry made their changes on her. What an angel she was, eh?" Thanks Tim, I never would have guessed!

Uncle Wangs' News0012

Today I finally finished off my new babes template. I started with Charmane Star, it always makes the day easier when you enjoy your work ;) Here's a link to that page...Charmane Star - Babes Template

I hope to add a one or two babes a week, I've enough galleries databased to add 20 or 30 girls now. I'll probably start with Natt Chanapa, Tera Patrick and Francine Dee. If anybody knows JGirls please let me know the most popular gals, aside from Akira Fubuki and the girls listed on Dynamix I dont have a whole lot of JAV girl knowledge.

New Site0011

A while back I was looking for new sites to promote on Uncle Wangs and I stumbled on I Love Asian Pussy . I remember I was quite taken by it and signed up for the $4.95 2 day trial. Ohh the beauty of e-commerce! So taken was I by this international collection of Asian beauties I ended up having to take a cold shower. Well, the cold shower came after making sweet love to myself, umm, twice. Something about this site keeps me coming back, I've been signed up for two months now and still havn't got around to seeing all the videos they offer. But then I take my time and savour it all. I'll have to check out their sister site too, Asian Orgasm, a co-worker of mine says its been around awhile now and is quite popular.

Fresh Galleries0009

Some galleries that got my rocks off tonight...
Movies, babe bends over with a dildo
clips - famous face rides a dick with a mouthful of cock
video - sabotage
oops, how'd that get in there :D

Now these next ones look real familiar, I wouldn't doubt they were shot by an old pal, a Mr. Q'on.
hottie in a hot dress
Two Thai babes getting freaky with each other
Looks like the last two are from a new pay site, a frickin tight lookin one! Uncle Wang might have to break the piggy bank and sign up to yet another site :D Don't tell Auntie Wang...

New Site0005

A site I promote, Rare Asian, released some new galleries today, here's a look at them...
Rare Asian Gallery 1 - Rare Asian Gallery 2
They got me day dreaming about warm weather, beaches and island girls. Uncle Wang needs a vacation no doubt. I checked out one of their sites, and although not brand new it is a newer addition to the asian adult scene and they just recently madeover their main page, as seen on left. What caught my eye is the border on the left and right, the red looks like its sending sun streaks shooting out from the center. Reminded me of the Japanese flag.

(---- Click the screenshot to see what I mean.

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