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World Cup Fever0068
    Uncle Wang has had his butt glued to the lazy boy for the past week watching 'football', at least thats my new excuse for lack of updates. But ya gotta give it to me that the lazyboy is in a German hotel room in the fine city of Nuremberg. I scored some first round tickets to the Korean match, was actually just hoping to score with some of the cuties in the red devils cheer club, but turns out all the hot ones stayed home and I would have had better luck in Seoul :( But oh well, 2 weeks away from Auntie Wang, Im not complainin. I do have to admit I was hoping for a lot more football flashing from the female fans, Im pretty disapointed about that. Seen more titty on the fatsos cheering for France than Ive seen at the stripclubs. I was planning on 3 weeks away from the keyboard but I got a call from my buddy Shunga saying A: Im a rat bastard for scoring world cup tickets and B: I gotta show my surfers the little hotties he just finished shooting. He got them all decked out in soccer gear and gave them some balls to play with, my only critique would be they're not my balls. But enough from me, enjoy the pics :)

PS - Check out Christy Hunsa in the blue shirt. I quit dairy a long time ago but those nipples would put me back on the tit. Mommmmy :$
Model Worship ~ Irene Fah0067
Irene Fah Interviewed
    My good buddy Aloti calls me up last week and says he's working on something sweet that would make me jealous as sin. Today he hits me on ICQ with this link. The rat bastard scored an interview with the incredible Irene Fah! (She's the ridiculously busty Thai model who sometimes goes by Opal Lee, you've no doubt seen some of her work, if not I've provided some samples as a reminder ;) )
    Well, I call him a lucky son of a bitch and hang up. Aloti has it made, sitting on a beach in Thailand by day, and out recruiting new talent by night for the correctly named Thai Cuties. He and his partner Shunga have some of the most beautiful Thai babes on their payroll, all prepared to take it off for the camera at a moments notice. Head on over, check out their beauties, and let em know Uncle Wang called them lucky rat bastards.
Thai Cuties Irene Fah Interview

Hot New Site - Japanese reality Porn0066
Tokyo Pickups

Brand new site dropped and its hot! I havn't had a chance to be inside yet but I've seen all the free trailers they offer and I want to see more. When Auntie Wang visits her sister this weekend Uncle Wang is gonna sign up and spank it all weekend long!
Just $4.95 for a 3 day trial or 24.95 monthly AND get full access to 36 other hot sites.

See The Free Trailers
Fresh New Look0065
Due to extreme boredom and my worsening myopia I decided to change the appearance of my TGP and increase the size of the thumbnails. When the 21 inch monitor failed to fix the problem of my squinting I decided its time to take charge. Out with the old and in with the new (I oughtta use this advice for my marriage situation). Im sure there some old timers out there like me that'll appreciate the change. For all the young whippersnappers that preferred the smaller thumbs I made a new site for them here... Wangs Asian Models Ohh and due to no real popular demand I added back hardcore content into the gallery mix. My apologies to my regular lesbian surfers for whom the penises are now going to alienate, all one of you.
Thai Bar Cam0064
So Aunty Wang has officially locked Uncle Wang out of the bedroom for 1 week now. Not that thats a problem, the fat thing took up more than her fair share of the bed anyhow. So now Im camped out in the den, just me and the PC, surfing porn like usual. Earlier tonight my old pal the Big Boss sent me a link to his webcam and I've sitting here perplexed, wondering why Im at home a continent away from where I should be, Thailand. I met Big Boss back in the day on my way through Thailand. He runs a bar there that just happens to be across the street from a gogo bar that Uncle Wang nearly lived at. (This was during my first seperation from Aunty Wang, aka The Getaway PT I) Well, maybe those days are best left in the past, I'll just sit here with my fleshlight and dream of days gone by. Ohh , and I should mention, the live cam takes in all the action of the gogo bar across the street from Big Bosses place, so if youve never been to the livlier side of Thailand you can take in the, uh, culture. Heres a link to that live web cam site, you can swing by and share your fleshlight techniques with my old horny ass.
Fresh New Site0063
Asian Flower Girl

Newest site to hit the net. Asian Flower Girl is full of some of the hottest, Asian glamour models. These guys have some of the best talent scouts in Thailand scoping out the hottest broads. Join up now and get full access to all the exclusive photo sets and movies in the members section.

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Hot Chinese Models0062

AsiaNude4You has been around for a while but is just now throwing out some free samples for us lucky guys. They're the only English site online to bring us exclusive shoots from the best Hong Kong softcore mags. These babes are the playboi bunnies of Hong Kong and Uncle Wang would give his left nut to bed any one of em.

Join Now - 29.95/30 Days
Model Worship ~ Amara Bhunawat0061
Amara Taroon Movies
amara bhunawat pornography
88Square Releases Amara Taroon Video!
amara taroon hardcore amara bhunawat hardcore porn
Thailand model Amara Bhunawat
Amara Taroon aka Amara Bhunawat is a famous Thai model who has left many a man drooling in her wake. You've no doubt caught a glimpse of this beauty on some TGP showin her coochie and those gorgeous legs leading up to it. 88Square shoots video footage of all their photo shoots, sort of a making of or behind the scenes deal. However you care to term it these videos are hot and Amaras video has been in real high request. In celebration of the video release Rick from 88Square juiced me up with some exclusive content. Here's two schmokin pics of Amara from the members area of 88Square. Thanks Rick!
amara bhunawat porn amara porn video
See Them All !
New Site0060
Asian Solo Site
Asian Solo Site Asian Porn Site
Hot Korean Model Pornstars from Korea
Pornstars from the Orient Oriental Models Nude
New Site0057
Sexy Chinese Girls.
Hot Asian Girl. Hot Chinese Girl. Hot Oriental Girl.
FOB Fucker
Hot new reality site where a dude picks up Chinese chicks Fresh Off the Boat and takes em back to his place for a little lovin. On camera loving, with the new POV mini cam style, mounted on his hat or screwed into his forehead or somethin. But these videos are tight man, these girls are authentic China Town honeys straight off the ship from Shanghai. And its sweet cuz watching these videos is like being there in his shoes, well, before he takes them off to get his freak on, cuz then he'd be shoeless, but your like still there and shit. You follow right ? ;)
Click Here To See All The Previews
Smokin New Thai Site0055
hottest thai teen babes hardcore
lesbians in thailand thailandteens thai teenager
There I was just surfing along and dammmmn, this site hits me from out of nowhere. I like to consider myself an expert in online Asian porn so how I have not known about Thai Girl Tia, .com, I do not know. Frankly I'm embarrassed. Now I have yet to join up and check out the full contents, but what I have seen so far is tempting me to shell out for yet another kick ass Asian porn site. This site is all about porn videos filmed with these Thai babes in classy locations like hotel bathrooms, hotel bedrooms, you know, all the kinky places Mrs. Wang has never done it with Uncle Wang. But you dont want to hear about Aunt Wang, on with the Thai girls, and these little Thai hotties are hotties. Heh, hot hotties. See for yourself...
thai teen chicks thai lesbians thai teen lesbians
A Merry Christmas From Thailand0050

88Square never fails to deliver the goods! Check out their site for the rest of the Christmas goodies. They brought back some of their most popular models for a big 'X'-mas shoot that you might just want to see.

And if you were looking for a little somethin somethin in your stocking this year 88 made a festive screensaver for your desktop. I set my default screen saver time to a minute to test it, and sure enough this happened to be the one time Aunt Wang decides she wants to use the computer. She made me turn it back to the screen saver with the kittens so the one time a year she decides to fumble around online she can see 2 stupid cats play with a ball of yarn.

Download the Christmas Screen Saver Free

And while you're over there have a look around. Membership is well worth it, one of the few sites I actively visit. So go on, spoil yourself this year. Nothing like beautiful Thai women in Santa hats to get you in the holiday spirit.

Check out 88Square
New Site0042
Chinese girls nude. Chinese sex movies. Chinese porn movie.

FOB Fucker

Hot new reality site where a dude picks up Chinese chicks Fresh Off the Boat and takes em back to his place for a little lovin. On camera loving, with the new POV mini cam style, mounted on his hat or screwed into his forehead or somethin. But these videos are tight man, these girls are authentic China Town honeys straight off the ship from Shanghai. And its sweet cuz watching these videos is like being there in his shoes, well, before he takes them off to get his freak on, cuz then he'd be shoeless, but your like still there and shit. You follow right ? ;)
Click Here To See All The Previews

Some Hot J-Girl Flicks0040

Japan Legs dropped some fresh movie clips last week. They're famous for uniforms, racequeens and stockinged Japanese babes. It's not so much fetish but more just hot babes getting dolled up then stripped down and fucked on camera. I have yet to sign up for a membership to their site but from all I've seen from their free galleries and video clips I can say this site is dope. It's on my list for future cyber hangouts to beat off. Pass the popcorn? :D

download all they got for just $1 a day

Killer Videos0035
Fresh Out - LBFM Releases Video Galleries

Little Brown Fucking Machines never fails to disapoint.This week they released video clips previewing what they have to offer. And they've got the goods. The vid clips are 4 mb each, and these are just the previews. With an all star line up of hot Filipina and Thai honeys they're one of my favorite 2 sites for Philipines pornography. LBFM offers two deals. you can sign up for one month for 29.95 or go for broke and get the 3 month pass for $54.95; works out to around 18 bucks per month. My stats tell me I'm not the only one that loves LBFM. They're one of the most popular sites with Uncle Wangs surfers. Shitloads of videos and picture sets to peruse, I've wasted away days there, days and layers of skin.

Check out my blog entry #0021 for more galleries of the pretty faces from LBFM.

Or go straight to the source. Click here to visit LBFM.

Kick Ass Series0031

If these don't get you off you're probably gay! Unless you like the dude in the vids, then, well, I guess you'd just be gay anyways...or something...

Japanese babe doggy styled. Japanese babe on all fours giving head. Japanese AV model lies back and gets her pussy eaten out.

These Vids are fresh out from JAVOD.
JAV = Japanese Adult Video
OD = On Demand i.o.w. - Download them Now!!!

Kick Ass Series0027

Fresh out! 4 more galleries from Damn Q

Take The Tour for Free
download all the pics and vids you want, 3 days trial - $2.95

New Site0024
thai whores

So I came across some crazy sexy galleries this time. Something about how they're shot is a real turn on. They project a very raw, very real feeling. Glamour porn it is not yet something seems almost classy in a dark way. I was very impressed by the photographers capturing of the cum shot (as seen above) in the one series. Sports photographer by day pornographer by night ?

If this is your style Asian GoGo Sluts offers a whole lot of galleries like this one. They are quite active in shooting bar girls from Thailand so theres lots of new content in production to keep you happy and hard. But don't take my word for it...

Trial it for $9.95 for 2 days, your dick will love you for it!
Kick Ass Series0021

Some of the hottest galleries I've come across in a while. The one on the left is unfrickinbelievable, the one chick... damn! I'd drink her bath water, no shame, I can admit that!
These sets are all exclusive of Little Brown Fucking Machines a great website with a whole lot of South East Asian models of the same caliber you see here. Apparently the term LBFM came from the Vietnam War era and has survived the decades to resurface today.

Kick Ass Series0018

Today Uncle Wang made a fantastic discovery in his porn quest. A long lost gallery from his old porn master days. This series used to give me wood just thinking about it. First its outdoors, an Uncle Wang fetish, second, damn I love clogs, perhaps Im afflicted with a touch of foot fetish as well, and thirdly this babe reminds me of an old freind of mine who I never did get to roll around with :( - And yes, I mean the girl, for you smart asses that keep calling me on this shit :P -

For those who are site impaired let me play by play the action for you in hopes this translates to brail...
' A loving interacial couple on a picnic at their Aunt and Uncles farm decide to work off their meal behind Aunt Bessies barn. It starts off with some innocent cuddling which quickly progresses to heavy petting. Heavy petting of course turns into some standup pussy eating flipped to ass munching. When she has to return the favour she does well trying to take all of him into her mouth. With both of their mouths chapped up too much to go on they switch into a little cowgirl action with the young man being ridden by one fine bent over ass. Once they tire of this and his cockadilio can no longer take it she acts the loving fiance and takes his load down her throat. '
- This is just the coles notes of the story, check out Tokyo Tarts for the complete, unabriged version ;) -

Download the full series at Tokyo Tarts

New Site0015

Always on the lookout for new shit to promote I ran into a site by name of DamnQ. I posted a couple galleries I found on some sites in post 0009 and like i said then, I knew this had to be a guy I knew. The site itself was a refreshment from a lot of the shit I've been seeing lately. Completely original in that it doesn't just focus on the asian persuasion but has the latina and black honeys representing too. And these girls got style, the flava as they say (or said) ;). Q'on has been a photographer/talent scout and mad playa since I met him 5 or 6 years back. He was always jet settin around the globe honing his style and leaving his mark. We'd always tell him to get his own site going, "Damn Q, put your portfolio online, people will kill to see it!". The talent he gets combined with his photography produces some of the finest series' online and here he was doing nothing with it. Well, it looks like he decided, at long last, to share with us his best. So ladies and, well, probably just gentlemen, here it is...enjoy!

Uncle Wang's News0014

I finished off my Natt Chanapa page. I've got 9 good softcore galleries linked and Im on the hunt for more. Ive included some info on where to find her DVD's. I downloaded her famous hardcore video from 88Square a couple of months ago and have had my eyes open for any others she has done. It doesn't look like she'll be doing any more as shes just been sentenced in Thailand for starring in porn videos which is illegal there. One of the worlds best known countries for sex tourism yet porn has been outlawed, go figure! Here's a link to the story of her sentencing courtesy of the Asian Sex Gazeette

Unknown Hottie0013

I came across this kick ass series from Asian Fetish. Is anyone familiar with the models name? I would like to make a page for her in my babes section. Here's the galleries...

gallery 1 gallery 2
gallery 3 gallery 4
gallery 5

If anyone checks out Asian Fetish and sees the video let me know how it is!

Update; "She's Jade Marcela in earlier times before the years, the gym, and the porn industry made their changes on her. What an angel she was, eh?" Thanks Tim, I never would have guessed!

Uncle Wangs News0012

Today I finally finished off my new babes template. I started with Charmane Star, it always makes the day easier when you enjoy your work ;) Here's a link to that page...Charmane Star - Babes Template

I hope to add a one or two babes a week, I've enough galleries databased to add 20 or 30 girls now. I'll probably start with Natt Chanapa, Tera Patrick and Francine Dee. If anybody knows JGirls please let me know the most popular gals, aside from Akira Fubuki and the girls listed on Dynamix I dont have a whole lot of JAV girl knowledge.

New Site0011

A while back I was looking for new sites to promote on Uncle Wangs and I stumbled on I Love Asian Pussy . I remember I was quite taken by it and signed up for the $4.95 2 day trial. Ohh the beauty of e-commerce! So taken was I by this international collection of Asian beauties I ended up having to take a cold shower. Well, the cold shower came after making sweet love to myself, umm, twice. Something about this site keeps me coming back, I've been signed up for two months now and still havn't got around to seeing all the videos they offer. But then I take my time and savour it all. I'll have to check out their sister site too, Asian Orgasm, a co-worker of mine says its been around awhile now and is quite popular.

Fresh Galleries0009

Some galleries that got my rocks off tonight...
Movies, babe bends over with a dildo
clips - famous face rides a dick with a mouthful of cock
video - sabotage
oops, how'd that get in there :D

Now these next ones look real familiar, I wouldn't doubt they were shot by an old pal, a Mr. Q'on.
hottie in a hot dress
Two Thai babes getting freaky with each other
Looks like the last two are from a new pay site, a frickin tight lookin one! Uncle Wang might have to break the piggy bank and sign up to yet another site :D Don't tell Auntie Wang...

New Site0005

A site I promote, Rare Asian, released some new galleries today, here's a look at them...
Rare Asian Gallery 1 - Rare Asian Gallery 2
They got me day dreaming about warm weather, beaches and island girls. Uncle Wang needs a vacation no doubt. I checked out one of their sites, and although not brand new it is a newer addition to the asian adult scene and they just recently madeover their main page, as seen on left. What caught my eye is the border on the left and right, the red looks like its sending sun streaks shooting out from the center. Reminded me of the Japanese flag.

(---- Click the screenshot to see what I mean.

Picture Post